0xfucks is a collection of NFT fucks.
Every fuck is unique. The first release of the collection consists of a series of numbered fucks ranging from 0 to 9,999 (no more than 9,999 numbered fucks will be created). In addition to the numbered fucks, there will be following releases with special fucks, normal fucks, and fucks that 1 haven't come up with yet. The purpose behind this collection is to create ETH 2.0 staking nodes dedicated to provide constant financial support to non-profit charitable organizations dedicated to un-fuck our world. The fuck supply is limited to my imagination - but, rest assured that whatever fuck you purchase - it will be unique and it will be your fuck to do whatever the fuck you want with it.

Buy one fuck - or two - or however many fucks you want - let's put our fucks to work where they matter.